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MANIA Advertising as well known as MANIACARD, is a creative agency since 2008 with a hybrid DNA by nature, bringing very special advertising and awareness campaigns in Albania, Kosovo and Italian market.
MANIA Advertising is a winner agency in Cannes Advertising Festival – Act Responsible as the “Best Creativity Design” for the Communication Campaign of Climate Change and Global Warming in Albania.
Actually, participating at Advertising Community Together Festival in France (ACT in Cannes) in nomination for UNFPA Albania / UNDP campaign “Against the Hate Speech”, a long-lasting campaign of 12 months. With more than 12 creative campaigns and different key visuals delivered to the audience and a series of guerrilla actions, printed material, video spot and social and digital media targeted campaigns all around Albania.
Mania Advertising is distinguished for the Fresh Ideas, creative design that impact & reach the audience. We create Unbelievable Content & key visuals that create Engagement and Word of Mouth.
With a keen understanding of market trends and consumer behaviour, our team crafts compelling campaigns that resonate with target audiences and drive engagement. Our expertise in blending creativity with strategic insight ensures that every project not only stands out but also achieves measurable success.”
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In a world that moves fast, constantly innovates and lives in the moment, we want to return to the very essence of social media: communities and their changes.

We believe in the most human part of social media: ENGAGEMENT.

We are here to engage your communities in the long term and make them grow on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, You Tube, WEB solutions and SEO, or through 360° communication campaigns.

MANIA Advertising therefore has a will, that of writing history… narrating the brands. Stories that speak to us, stories that touch us. Stories that amuse, shake things up, engage and make an impression…

Because a story is always better remembered than a simple advertisement.
We are specialized in corporate identity, naming, branding, logo design, digital and social media advertising, web design, brand communication, awareness campaigns, organization of events and promotional activities; TV Video spot production, radio spot production, BTL activities, Indoor and Outdoor advertising, social media strategies, web solutions, printed materials, campaigns and their implementation.

The special feature of our agency is the fact that we are experts in print production, knowing the latest techniques and materials in this field, cooperating closely for various projects with printing companies in Albania and abroad, to bring a final product that will be remembered for a long time.

We have always been distinguished for the style of concepts, realization and implementation of promotional, responsible and commercial projects by reaching and attracting very effectively the required target audience.








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